Foodpanda: 10 out of ten, would order again!

July 16, 2016

The customer support at Foodpanda Bangladesh knows how to keep customers satisfied; a tale of the best panda buddy in town! A few stories of their excellent customer support just needed to be composed somewhere!

Delivery Dilemma

The vacation kicked in at the universty, and I could finally go visit my family after a tiring semester. I decided to grab pizza for the family reunion; picked up the phone, ordered via Foodpanda and was eagerly waiting for the confirmation. However, I got a call from the company apologizing for being unable to deliver my order, because the roads were causing trouble after rain. So, no pizza.

A day later, the same repeat took place as the deliverymen faced trouble reaching my home. Let’s be honest here, I got angry. I wanted to spend quality time with my family but, my plans got spoiled two times in a row! At that point, I decided to shoot a mail at the support email of foodpanda. The email probably had too much anger engraved.

A few days later, I was fiddling through my inbox. I stumbled upon a response from customer support sincerely apologizing for the dilemma and, and sent me a coupon code for 2 free deliveries!

Foodpanda CAN keep customers. I had a few more stories to share regaring their refund, stripping extra restaurant charges and other things they have done - to keep a customer (me) happy. I believe at least the support department of many other organizations can take a lesson from them. Kudos foodpanda, keep up the good work!

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